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Information For Sellers

Welcome to the ATA's TopicalsOnLine, a new site designed especially to meet the needs of topical collectors.

Who can sell?
Any topical collector is welcome to browse the site and to buy. Only ATA members may sell on the site. All sellers must register.

What can be offered for sale?
Sellers may list any philatelic material including stamps, postal stationery, postmarks and covers.  All material must be accurately described. Forgeries, Cinderellas, labels and unauthorized issues must be clearly identified as such. So-called "facsimile stamps” may not be listed. The ATA reserves the right to remove any listing which does not meet these criteria. Deceptive listings can lead to removal of a seller.

Sellers should use the guidelines on condition contained in the introduction of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Sellers determine the ATA member price for all items. There is no minimum value for a listing. In pricing items, sellers should consider that:

  1. ATA members will receive a 10% discount on purchases.
  2. The seller is expected to absorb the PayPal fees. (It is assumed that the postage and handling fee will cover PayPal charges.)
  3. TopicalsOnLine will charge the seller a 10% commission on all sales. The minimum commission is 10¢.

Shipping and Handling
TopicalsOnLine automatically adds a separate P&H charge of $2 to US orders, $3 to orders sent to a Canadian address and $4 to all other foreign orders. Sellers may override these charges when listing an item. For example, sellers may want to charge more for oversize or heavy items or to charge less when their shipping and handling costs are lower.

To keep the costs low, TopicalsOnLine charges a buyer only one P&H fee per order. When a buyer places an item to a shopping cart the buyer will be offered the opportunity to purchase more items from the same seller. All purchases from the same seller at the same time will be subject to only one P&H charge. The P&H fee for any order will be the highest P&H fee assigned by the seller to any single item in that order.

All sellers are encouraged to accept PayPal. Sellers may accept other payment forms as well. Sellers absorb the PayPal charge unless they indicate otherwise in the listing.

Listing Period
A listing will remain on the site for two years unless the item is sold or the seller choses to remove it earlier. TopicalsOnLine may charge a fee for additional listing periods.

Commissions and Fees
There is no listing fee at this time. TopicalsOnLine charges a 10% commission on all sales with a minimum charge of 10¢. This commission is deducted from the seller’s deposit account.

Deposit Account
Each seller is required to deposit at least $10 in a deposit account with TopicalsOnLine at the time of the first listing. The commission for items sold will be deducted from the deposit account. On the last business day of each month, TopicalsOnLine sends all sellers an email statement itemizing sales during the month and charges against the deposit account. TopicalsOnLine automatically notifies sellers when the deposit account needs replenishing.

Order Fulfilment
Sellers should strive to fulfill orders within three business days. On those occasions when this is not possible, TopicalsOnLine allows the seller to send an automatic message to buyers indicating the length of an expected delay. Buyers will be allowed to cancel an order if the delay is unacceptable. For lengthy delays, the seller may temporarily remove all listings.

Ethics and Complaints
All transactions are governed by the ATA Code of Ethics. Buyers have a 30-day right of return on all items which are not as described. A seller should attempt to resolve a dispute directly with the buyer. In the rare instances when that is not possible, the dispute may be submitted to the ATA's Committee for Ethical Conduct. TopicalsOnLine may impose disciplinary actions including removing a buyer or a seller for unethical conduct.

Sellers are encouraged to have valuable stamps expertized.

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