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Information For Buyers

Welcome to the ATA 's TopicalsOnLine, a new site designed especially to meet the needs of topical collectors.

Just Looking?
Anyone may browse the site without registering. TopicalsOnLine offers a wide variety of topical material including stamps, postal stationery and covers that fit any collector’s budget.

Who can buy?
Any collector is welcome to buy items from TopicalsOnLine. All buyers must register. Registration is free.

Who are the sellers?
Buyers may buy with confidence.  All sellers are members of the American Topical Association and must abide by the ATA code of ethics. Buyers have a 30-day right of return for items not as described.

TopicalsOnLine recommends use of the guidelines on condition contained in the introduction to the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

TopicalsOnLine's low fees permit sellers to list low priced items. ATA members receive a 10% discount on purchases.

Shipping and Handling
Sellers may add a separate charge for postage and handling (P&H) to cover the costs of getting the material to the buyer.

Save money on Postage and Handling. Buyers who buy more than one item from a seller at one time will only pay one P&H charge. When you buy an item, you will be offered the opportunity to review other items offered by the same seller.

Payment should be by PayPal. Sellers who accept other forms of payment note it on a listing.

Order Fulfilment
When a purchase is made, the buyer will receive an automated message indicating when an order will be filled. Please note all orders are filled by the seller. The ATA does not normally take possession of listed items. Correspondence about the delivery of an item should be addressed to the seller.

Ethics and Complaints
All transactions are governed by the ATA Code of Ethics. A buyer should attempt to resolve disputes directly with the seller. In the rare instances when that is not possible, the dispute may be submitted to the ATA's Committee for Ethical Conduct. TopicalsOnLine may impose disciplinary actions including removing a buyer or a seller for unethical conduct.


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